A bouquet of surprises in our gardens!

Tulips, roses, and dahlias, fruit and vegetables, and even sometimes surprising edible plants. Beautiful, shaded parks, artworks displayed in the middle of gardens... Prepare to be amazed! 


At Château of Cheverny, each spring sees 250,000 tulips unveil their palette of colours, in a majestic strip 250 m long and 12 m wide. But colour is everywhere: bright tones in the flower garden, which supplies the vases decorating the Château rooms, or soft, pastel shades in the Apprentices’ Garden. In 2022, Château of Cheverny will celebrate 100 years of being open to the public, surrounded by six gardens with different atmospheres.  

From spring to autumn, flowers burst into bloom, one after another, at La Source Flower Park in Orléans: irises, roses, fuchsias and dahlias, offering life-sized, multi-coloured artworks.  


... and vegetables  

Who ever said that gardens were only for planting flowers? Vegetables, fruit, and edible and medicinal plants also feature significantly.  

Like at Villandry, where the nine squares of its famous vegetable garden showcase fruit and vegetables throughout the seasons. Beetroots, cabbages, leeks, carrots, tomatoes and more form a colourful mosaic!  

Fruit trees, aromatic herbs, pumpkins and delicious berries, available for picking, flourish behind the walls of the vegetable garden at Château of La Bussière.  

The Royal Domain of Château-Gaillard is a paradise of orange trees. Did you know that this is where Dom Pacello da Mercogliano, monk, gardener and botanist, acclimated orange trees for the first time ever in France?  

Art in gardens...  

Here a giant watering can, there a mole poking its nose out... The gardens at Château of Le Rivau are scattered with monumental artworks, to be discovered throughout the fifteen fairy-tale gardens.

Domain of Chaumont-sur-Loire pays tribute to art. And here, artists’ works find themselves in magnificent settings. In 2022, the Garden Festival is celebrating its 30th anniversary, continuing to surprise and enthral visitors.  

... And collector’s gardens  

Apples and pears in the limelight - that’s what you will find in the collector’s orchard at Château of Talcy. What’s so special about these fruit trees, you ask? They are grown in sculpted shapes: fans, with 4 or 5 branches, diagonal, W, trident... Discover them all!  

At the Arboretum of Grandes Bruyères, you’ll find lawn paths and collections of trees and shrubs - magnolias, dogwoods, rose bushes and of course, the heather or “bruyères” after which the garden is named. It’s a verdant, calm oasis that’s a paradise for birds.  

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