By simply roaming the countryside or meandering along the banks of the Loire, you are sure to fall under the charm of one the Loire Valley’s most beautiful villages. Lively and rich in exceptional heritage, they welcome you to discover their natural and cultural treasures! Come and explore these garden-villages, which are true gems of greenery, the likes of which you will find nowhere else! Head to Chédigny and Yèvre-le-Châtel, the only two villages in France listed as a “Remarkable Garden”.

A flower-filled walk through the garden-village of Chédigny

Marlène Michel
Promenade à Chédigny

Located between the Château of Chenonceau and the Royal City of Loches, Chédigny will delight you with its bucolic charm. Take a break in this fascinating garden-village with its flower-filled streets home to fragrant climbing roses, flossy shrubs, thousands of perennials and grasses… The first Loire Valley village to be listed as a Remarkable Garden invites you on a fabulous plant journey!

Rose paradise and the Fleur d’Or

If you stroll through the streets of Chédigny from April onwards, you will be in rose paradise! At this time of year, the facades of the traditional houses are adorned with a vibrant palette of colours, from pastel pink and vermilion to coral and bright white. That’s not to mention the fragrances perfuming the air… Every minute is a delight! Alongside these, other plants and shrubs delicately decorate the streets and pavements, forming a stunning plant decor. A rarity in France, the village was awarded the “Fleur d’Or”, the highest distinction of the “Towns and Villages in Bloom” accreditation!

Charm and spirituality in the priest’s garden 

At the heart of this garden-village, discover the priest’s garden nestled in the presbytery. Home to over 120 varieties of medicinal plants, rare and forgotten ornamental flowers and a kitchen garden, this magnificent landscaped garden was designed and planted in 2017 based on the 19th-century priest’s garden. Wander through the nave filled with greenery, composed of fruit trees and climbing roses, before discovering the “apothecary’s bed” and the pleasant herb garden and its pool. Amateur or professional gardeners can also take part in practical courses and workshops in this exceptional garden!

A. Verger – CRT Centre-Val de Loire
Jardin du Presbytère et clocher de l'église à Chédigny
Marlène Michel
Animation dans une rue de Chédigny à l'occasion du Festival des Roses

The Rose Festival and guided tours 

What better time to discover Chédigny than during its Rose Festival? Held every year at the end of May, this festival is the ideal opportunity for a walk on the theme of the queen of flowers. Exhibitions, concerts, children’s shows, rose plant and seed sales… Plunge into the heart of what makes the reputation of this delightful village listed as a Remarkable Garden!

Marlène Michel

If you prefer to discover the garden-village at your own pace and with fewer people around, take a guided tour with an amateur botanist, available from April to September.

Walk through the garden-village of Yèvre-le-Châtel 

Yèvre-le-Châtel has been the proud holder of the “Remarkable Garden” award since 2022. For lovers of old stones and flowers, traditional character and beautiful fragrances, this garden-village, also listed among the “Most beautiful villages in France” (the only one in the area) and rated with four flowers, is well worth a detour.

The fortress, a historical and botanical gem 

You can feel the magic at work as soon as you arrive in Yèvre-le-Châtel. With its impressive medieval fortress, shaded little flower-filled streets and its rose garden, this garden-village is a pleasant blend of medieval heritage, botany and contemporary art. The fortress, an ancient stronghold flanked by four towers, stands proud and tall like a treasure chest. Inside, it conceals an amazing medieval garden. Stop and admire the many aromatic, medicinal and tinctorial plants that thrive in the 12 medieval flowerbeds in the courtyard, then climb to the top of the towers and the parapet walk, where you can enjoy a superb panoramic view over the surrounding areas of Beauce and Gâtinais and the edges of the forest of Orléans!

Armandine Rue
Fleurs blanches devant la forteresse de Yèvre-le-Châtel

The rose garden and flower-filled streets 

Located on the Loiret Rose Route, Yèvre-le-Châtel is home to the rose garden and conservatory of Marcel Robichon, a rose garden like none other in France. Open to the public all year round, it showcases the rose grower’s own varieties (and their enchanting fragrances), created between 1927 and 1968.

E. Vicente – OTGP
Maison dans le village de Yèvre-le-Châtel

You can also enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of Yèvre-le-Châtel by strolling along the little alleys adorned with flowers that seem to have sprung up from nowhere! Flowering and evergreen shrubs, climbing roses and perennials compose a symphony of colours and fragrances. These delightful sights and smells are the fruit of the work of the residents and the local association Les Compagnons de la Châtellenie. Don’t miss a visit see the incredible bottle gourde of Yèvre-le-Châtel. Growing on a verdant arch of greenery, this plant is a reference to the routes of the Way of Saint James, one of which passes through the village.

Cultural life and events 

Jardin médiéval à la forteresse de Yèvre-le-Châtel
E. Vicente – OTGP

With its rose-covered facades, old limestone houses, romantic ruins and peaceful atmosphere, Yèvre-le-Châtel has inspired many an artist over the years. Painters, sculptors and plastic artists love to create and exhibit works in this magical decor, sometimes leaving their mark in one of the streets. The château also hosts numerous exhibitions and cultural events all year round.

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