The National Arboretum of les Barres: a forest of five continents

The National Arboretum of Les Barres was created in the early 19th century by the Vilmorin family, who owned the place at the time. Composed of 35,000 hectares and home to incredible collections of trees and shrubs, it is one of the largest arboretums in Europe.


Come and discover nearly 2,600 species of trees and shrubs at the National Arboretum of Les Barres. Three routes have been created to allow you to relax, explore, learn and make interesting discoveries!
A walk along the Continentalis Alley will take you on a journey across all five continents. Take a break beneath one of the oldest trees in the arboretum, some of which were planted in 1873! Here, lift your eyes and admire some of the largest specimens, such as the eye-catching coast redwood, which is an impressive 46 metres tall!
Children will have great fun in the Bizarretum, where all the trees are strange and mysterious, such as the western red cedar with its 80 trunks, the “weeping” Persian ironwood and the dwarf beeches. Bark, leaves, shapes… there’s plenty to stimulate the imagination!

Arboretum des Barres
Arboretum des Barres

For a sensory experience, head to the Classifica, where the collection will stimulate your senses in every season with a sea of colour and an explosion of scents, such as that of the astonishing fragrant caramel tree and the no-less intriguing handkerchief tree!

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At the end of your visit, take a moment to relax and reflect in one of the hammocks hanging beneath the trees.

Visiteurs dans l'Arboretum, se promenant entre les grands arbres
Arboretum des Barres

Events at the Arboretum of Les Barres

The National Arboretum of Les Barres hosts many events throughout its opening period, from spring to autumn. Each year offers a different programme of activities during which you can observe nature and the trees and shrubs around you. Tree climbing, workshops, guided tours, a plant festival… Come and discover the arboretum!

The Arboretum of Les Barres is accessible to disabled people

The Continentalis route is suitable for people with reduced mobility. This winding trail in the heart of the 10 hectares of collections is fully accessible to people with reduced mobility and will take you on a journey across the continents back in time to discover the history of the Arboretum.


How long does it take to visit the National Arboretum of Les Barres?

A complete visit of the National Arboretum of Les Barres takes approximately 2 hours. 

Are there places to eat during the visit to the Arboretum?

There is a tearoom where you can relax and enjoy a hot or cold drink. As an added bonus, they are even organic! Light meals are also served on some bank holiday weekends and special occasions. 

Can I buy trees or shrubs at the Arboretum?

You can buy trees and shrubs during the Arboretum’s opening times thanks to a partnership with the local nursery Un jardin presque parfait. 

How do I book a visit to the National Arboretum of Les Barres?

Save time and prepare your visit to the National Arboretum of Les Barres by booking your ticket via the link below! 


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