In the footsteps of Benedictine monks 

The contemporary, medieval-inspired themed gardens of the Abbey of Thiron Gardais evoke the work of the 12th-century Benedictine monks in a fun and interesting way and invite visitors to step into the past at the foot of an abbey church built in a majestic and austere style.

Coralie Daudin

Colours and fragrances  

There’s fun to be had by all during the walk through the themed gardens of the Abbey of Thiron-Gardais! Young and old can follow the interpretation panels to explore the different gardens.

Let’s start with the Medicinal Herb Garden, which is a celebration of medicinal plants, before continuing to the Vegetable Garden, home to decorative and culinary vegetables in all shapes and sizes! Next is the Herb Garden with its soft scents of mint and rosemary. After that comes the Colour Garden, which “retraces” the former cloister.

Domaine de l’Abbaye de Thiron-Gardais
Coralie Daudin

Next, follow the Lime Alley to admire the Acid-Soil Garden where rhododendrons, camelias and amazing honey- and spice-smelling plants flower in turn throughout the year. It is a real feast for the eyes… and your nose!

Next stop is the Fruit Tree Terrace, where apple, fig and almond trees overlook the Colour Garden in which the square beds form a beautiful mosaic inspired by medieval tiles. To end the visit, head to the Rose Walk, where heritage and contemporary roses grow side by side, and the Monks’ Fishpond in its bucolic setting.

D. Darrault – CRT Centre-Val de Loire
Coralie Daudin

Events at the gardens of the Abbey of Thiron Gardais

Every year, the estate hosts the “Autumn Festival” in October, which features a large craft market offering local produce, decorations, jewellery and plant exchanges, as well a bike ride and walk in the morning. Of course, it is also the perfect opportunity to visit the gardens. Food and drinks are available and the tearoom is open.

The gardens of the Abbey of Thiron Gardais are accessible for disabled people

The site has facilities to make visiting the gardens easier for everyone.



How long does it take to visit the gardens of the Abbey of Thiron Gardais?

A complete visit of the gardens of the Abbey of Thiron Gardais takes an average of 1 hour 30 minutes. 

Can I visit the gardens of the Abbey of Thiron Gardais with children?

Yes, the gardens are great fun for kids! The king has entrusted children with a topsecret mission: discover the English spies who have snuck into the Abbey! This entertaining adventure will delight children aged 7 and over. A range of workshops and escape games are also available for the whole family (10 years old and over).

What is there to do in the gardens of the Abbey of Thiron Gardais?

A range of activities are available in the Abbey gardens, including guided walks, workshops and a game zone for rainy days in the Grange aux Dîmes, a 15th-century building built by the Abbey monks that now houses a tearoom, a shop selling local produce, the Maison du Tourisme and three escape game rooms 

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