Apremont Flower Park: a fantastical journey

Apremont Flower Park lies at the heart of the small medieval village of Apremont-sur-Allier, which is listed as one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France. Gilles de Brissac, who built the park, fought hard to fulfil his dream. Today, the park offers nothing less than an enchanting journey.

The story of one man’s passion 

A. Moreau – CRT Centre-Val de Loire

It was no easy task for Gilles de Brissac to fulfil his dream for Apremont Flower Park. Over five hectares, he channelled water and built a series of ponds before bringing in 650 tonnes of rocks to create the cascade water feature he had envisaged. He then planted species from all over the world and carefully made sure that each tree, plant or flower was labelled.

A surprising tour of the world in a single garden

Follies, small structures that were very fashionable in the late 18th century, feature throughout the garden. The “Pagoda Bridge” with its tiled roof transports the visitor to China while the “Turkish Pavilion” and its interior decor evoke the banks of the Bosporus and the former glory of the Ottoman Empire. From its raised vantage point, the Russian neoclassical Belvedere overlooks the river and the tops of the buildings in the village. The journey is a magical one…

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A. Moreau – CRT Centre-Val de Loire

All the colours of the rainbow

Apremont Flower Park is a celebration of colour. At the entrance to the garden, the alley of wisteria winding itself around a pergola alongside common laburnum and clematis offers a symphony of colour. This profusion of colour contrasts with the White Garden, home to shrubs and perennials with white flowers or silver foliage. The route leads from one space to another to the gentle sound of birdsong and the waterfall.

Events at Apremont Flower Park

Easter egg hunts, candlelit late openings, ghost hunts… Apremont Flower Park invites young and old to discover it on many a festive occasion!



How long does it take to visit Apremont Flower Park?

A complete visit of Apremont Flower Park takes an average of 1 hour 30 minutes. 

Are there places to eat at Apremont Flower Park?

There is nowhere to buy food and drink within the flower park but there are picnic benches on the edge of the Allier.  

Is Apremont Flower Park interesting for children?

Game booklets are available at the entrance to the flower park to make the visit fun for children. 

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