The Renaissance gardens of Château Gaillard were created by Dom Pacello de Mercogliano, a Neapolitan monk and master gardener to the kings of France. It was here that he acclimatised France’s first orange trees, known as “golden apples” at the time. As soon as you step into the royal orangery you will smell the delicate fragrance of citrus fruits that fills the air. There are a total of 50 different varieties growing in the greenhouses and behind the large glass walls of the orangery overlooking the gardens.
Come and discover the 200 trees in the citrus collection, including vanilla oranges (of which the peel has a vanilla taste when candied), bitter oranges (which are used to make wine), pear lemons, Adam’s apples, Buddha’s hand and caviar limes, to name just a few!


The discovery continues with the royal French parterres. Around the Fountain of Youth, Dom Pacello created broderies that represented the four rivers of paradise (water, wine, milk lait and honey). It is a pleasant place to enjoy a stroll to the sound of running water.
Whether in winter or summer, a garden should be beautiful in all seasons!
This was one of Dom Pacello’s maxims and it is no surprise to see that this born inventor used techniques that were original and sometimes rather unusual for the time. One example is his square beds that combined flowers and stones and were full of colour in all seasons. These nine “parquets” are home to fruit trees, herbs (lavender, bay, rosemary and thyme) and a range of stones that give the King’s Gardens their characteristic palette of colours.

Château Gaillard
Vue sur le domaine depuis le bord du plan d'eau


Vue aérienne du domaine depuis un drone

The “seven paths of paradise” wind through the large 15-hectare park. For a more romantic stroll in the heart of the Royal Domain of Château Gaillard, follow the Charles VIII path, which will lead you to the 15th-century dovecot with its 200 pigeonholes.
During your walk, you will probably come across some troglodyte caves… stop to discover the olfactory cave and many other surprises!
Lastly, a little further on, take a break in one of the two belvederes to enjoy a panoramic view of the King’s Gardens and admire it from a different angle!

“All that is missing to make this magical paradise a new Eden are Adam and Eve.”

A l'interieur de la galerie des orangers en pots, vue sur le jardin
Château Gaillard

The royal domain of Château Gaillard and its fabulous orangery

Dom Pacello tended to his orange trees with great care. He first placed them in caves near the château, away from waxed sheets and straw curtains, then made a number of improvements to help them acclimatise.
This was when he made his orange tree planters, greenhouses and, finally, the orangery. As a reward for his work, the king gave him the estate of Château Gaillard in exchange for a bouquet of orange blossom every year!


How long does it take to visit the Royal Domain of Château Gaillard?

A complete visit to the Royal Domain of Château Gaillard takes an average of 1.5 hours. 

Are there places to eat at the Royal Domain of Château Gaillard?

If you want to enjoy some refreshments during your visit, the Royal Domaine of Château Gaillard has a cafe-restaurant with a terrace that serves sweet and savoury snacks and a range of drinks such as teas and pressed orange juice all day 

Is there a souvenir shop?

Yes, there is a shop at the Royal Domaine of Château Gaillard. The shop sells local history books, postcards, souvenirs, local craft products and other items related to the estate and château. 

How do I book a visit to the Royal Domain of Château Gaillard?

Save time and prepare your visit to the Royal Domain of Château Gaillard by booking your ticket via the link below! 

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