Marie’s Garden: combining bucolic and romantic styles

Just a few kilometres from the Sancerre vineyards, Marie Marcat, a landscape gardener with a love of British design, created a true haven of peace over the years. The current owners, Jessica and Boris, aim to keep this paradisical spot open to all. Come and stroll amid the soft colours and fragrances in the heart of the charming Marie’s Garden.

A romantic walk 

Le Jardin de Marie
Jardin de Marieb

500 varieties of delicately coloured roses, viburnums with bunches of flowers that stretch out in horizontal layers or form snowball-like clusters, agapanthus… Every season offers a panoply of different flowers. Here and there, benches nestled in the wooded groves allow you to sit and admire the flowerbeds. In Marie’s Garden, everything has been designed to offer a picturesque and peaceful setting, such as the pergolas crowned with beautifully fragrant flowers that adorn the paths.

This bucolic garden is an LPO (French League for the Protection of Birds) refuge and is cared for in an environmentally friendly way, offering a real haven for birds.

A mouthwatering garden 

Sweet or savoury, there is something for everyone in Marie’s Garden! In the orchard and vegetable garden, the plants thrive against the backdrop of the rolling, verdant surroundings and a pretty garden shed brings an extra touch of charm to the place. Some of the vegetables, such as cucumbers and beans, grow up teepee trellis. With each season, a tempting range of fruit are just waiting to be picked from the trees. Apples, pears, cherries, plums, quinces, peaches, nectarines, medlars and persimmon are a mouthwatering sight.

Ad2T du Cher
Jardin de Marie

Workshops in the Garden

Marie’s Garden also offers discovery workshops on a range of themes including cooking, gardening, roasting and yoga… All that remains is for you to pick one that suits your desires!

Jardin de Marie


How long does it take to visit Marie’s Garden?

A complete visit of Marie’s Garden takes an average of 1 hour 30 minutes.

Is it possible to stay at Marie’s Garden?

Yes, you can stay for a night or more at Marie’s Garden. A gite (up to six people) and two guest rooms (two to six people) have been installed in one of the buildings of this old Berry farm. 

Is Marie’s Garden interesting for children?

The garden is designed to be fun and educational. The orchard and vegetable garden are perfect for teaching children about the environment and biodiversity.

Opening times Garden’s Marie

Horaires d’ouverture du 01 May au 31 October 2024
Lundi Ouvert de 11h à 18h
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Dimanche Ouvert de 11h à 18h
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