Harmony between nature and contemporary art  

The charm of the Estate of Poulaines can be felt you as soon as you step through the gate. For more than 30 years, Valérie Esnault has been perfecting her garden in perfect symbiosis with nature. The walk winds along the banks of the river, through the English-style park, beneath the boughs of the limes, ash trees and hundred-year-old oaks, before leading to the Arboretum and its 300 trees.  

The Cabin Path, with its little houses built by the owner for her children, heads toward the manor and the thriving contemporary gardens. The 250 varieties of roses lead to the Water Way, where irises and lavender flower in season and grow alongside herbs. Wisteria wraps itself around the pergolas and benches invite you to stop and daydream…

Domaine de Poulaines

A colourful estate 

The exuberant colours of the dahlias, daylilies and potentillas, or the softer tones of the peonies, cyclamens and hellebores… In every season, the flowers make for a stunning picture with a bucolic atmosphere.

Romantism with every step 

The English-style park, the Lilac Alley, the Gloriette Alley, the Secret Garden, the neatly trimmed bushes, the pretty slate-roofed manor… the atmosphere at the Estate of Poulaines is undeniably poetic and the walk is romantic. Benches, deckchairs and even hammocks are installed at various points to allow you to relax and soak up the peacefulness of the place.

Gillard et Vincent
Domaine de Poulaines
Domaine de Poulaines
Teddy Verneuil – ADTI

Stunning trees in every season

Follow the stream to discover the arboretum, located in the most wooded area of the Estate of Poulaines, where some 300 trees, all labelled, have been planted in groups within a large meadow. In every season, follow the grass paths and admire the stunning foliage and amazing bark of this fine collection.

Events at the Estate of Poulaines 

In high season, many shows, events and exhibitions await you at the Estate, including of course the national “Rendez-vous aux jardins” events and the “Heritage Days”!

Thierry Vincent
Domaine de Poulaines

Stay at the Estate of Poulaines 

To extend the experience and enjoy your visit of the Estate away from the crowds, book one of the two chic and designer fully equipped gites, Rheum or Nishiki, or the guest suite at the manor. A barbecue, a moment’s reading on the terrace, a morning walk in the cool of the arboretum… Breathe in the fragrant air of the garden, listen to the birdsong or practise your serve on the most bucolic tennis court in the region!

The Estate of Poulaines is accessible for disabled people

The site has special facilities to make it accessible to all visitors 

Domaine de Poulaines


How long does it take to visit the Estate of Poulaines?

A complete visit of the Estate of Poulaines takes an average of 1 hour 30 minutes. 

How do I book a visit to the Estate of Poulaines?

Save time and prepare your visit to the Estate of Poulaines by booking your ticket below!

Is it possible to stay at the Estate of Poulaines?

The Estate has fully equipped gites in which you can stay and enjoy the stunning setting for longer!  

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