Les Châteaux à Vélo

Les Châteaux à Vélo (The Châteaux by bicycle), a series of trails linked to the Loire à Vélo route

To fully enjoy the natural setting of the Loire Vally and its Châteaux, there is nothing like a getaway by bicycle. Choose any one of Les Châteaux à Vélo (The Châteaux by bicycle) routes, which are themselves connected to the Loire à Vélo route. From the prestigious Chateau of Chambord to the AOC (appellation d'origine controlée) Cheverny vineyards, enjoy pedalling through the Sologne countryside and explore its rich cultural heritage and unspoilt nature.

Les Châteaux à Vélo (The Châteaux by bicycle), 400 km of cycle trails

From 6.8 km to 55.7 km, at times following paths or trails, and at other moments minor roads, the Châteaux by bicycle routes are accessible to all, from families and to keen sport lovers.

No less than 14 itineraries –mostly circular – are available, covering more than 400 km of well-marked cycle routes and offering you an invitation to explore the Loire Valley and its châteaux, with a wide variety of themes:
● explore the AOC vineyards of Cheverny and Touraine;
● dive into the Middle Ages at the medieval castle of Fougères sur Bièvre;
● explore the waters of the Loire, Cosson and Breuvron and observe their beavers;
● plunge into the wooded areas of Sologne (Chambord park or the forest of Cheverny) and observe the stags, deer and hares;
● ride through the heart of the Sologne, dotted with ponds, ducks and asparagus and strawberry fields;
● visit the château of Chambord and the prestigious hunting estate of Francis I;
● cruise through the area surrounding Cellettes, the village with 18 châteaux!

Of course, you can join up with the Loire à Vélo cycle route in several places such as Blois, Chambord or Chaumont-sur-Loire.

The Fête du vélo in the Pays des Châteaux

Every year in late August / early September, the Fête du  vélo (Cycling festival) takes place, offering a perfect way to discover the Pays des Châteaux (Land of Châteaux) and its traditions. This 40km-long route is dotted with visits to castles, tastings, shows and plenty of other events.

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