At the heart of the Loire Valley, on the banks of the Loire and the Cher, Tours symbolises all the region’s historic, cultural and gastronomic heritage. This city, which was once the capital of the French kingdom, is the perfect reflection of the art of living in France. Explore the old town, lively squares and religious buildings. 

TOURS: historic symbol of the Loire Valley

JC. Coutand – ADT 37
Place Plumereau à Tours

Step into the old town for a medieval atmosphere, with cobblestone lanes, half-timber houses and town squares. The most well-known is Place Plumereau. It’s surrounded by classic half-timbered houses and features a number of bars and restaurants with outdoor seating in a friendly atmosphere. You’ll find it busy both day and night, attracting a cosmopolitan population that combines locals, students and tourists. 

As a City of Art and History, Tours is home to unparalleled heritage. The Saint-Gatien Cathedral (12th-16th century) houses a superb choir, enhanced by stunning stained-glass windows. There are also two other religious buildings worth admiring: the Saint-Martin Basilica and the Marmoutier Abbey, which are both part of the Way of Saint James. 

C. Mouton – CRT Centre-Val de Loire

JC. Coutand – ADT Touraine
Le Centre de Création Contemporaine Olivier Debré, à Tours

Wander along Rue Colbert, Rue Briçonnet and Rue du Grand Marché. In this area, you’ll discover several places steeped in history and culture: the Goüin Hotel and Fine Arts Museum. We also recommend heading to the Compagnonnage Museum , established in the former Saint-Julien Abbey, to discover masterpieces by artisans from the Compagnons du Tour de France. du Tour de France. 

Only a hop, skip and a jump from the Loire, the Olivier Debré Contemporary Art Centre (CCCOD) offers rich programme of exhibitions all throughout the year, showcasing national and international artists. offers rich programme of exhibitions all throughout the year, showcasing national and international artists. 

Tours: Ambassador of Loire valley culture and gastronomy

Tours is truly a city of culture and gastronomy. If you love to eat well, you’ll be spoiled by the local culinary specialities! Make sure you taste rillettes and rillons, Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine goat’s cheese and fouaces (delicious little rolls cooked in a wood-fired oven). You can enjoy these specialities sitting outdoors at a restaurant or bar, or at the market, accompanied by a glass of Vouvray or Chinon. To buy all these exquisite products, head to the iconic Tours covered market

La guinguette de Tours le soir, les gens en terrasse, on voit la grande roue


During summer, grab a table at the open-air cafe or “guinguette, for a fun atmosphere surrounded by weeping willows. It’s a poetic place that’s a key part of the city’s folklore, where Tours locals come to have fun and cut a rug to rock, salsa or jazz music.

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