Orléans is one of the oldest cities in France, nestled along the Loire. There, you can enjoy an authentic tourist experience, where history, Joan of Arc and the Loire have pride of place.  


Orléans is the city of Joan of Arc. Its reputation would not be the same without the famous Maid of Orléans, who helped to end the siege of the city on 8 May 1429. 
Tribute is paid to her at the Maison de Jeanne d’Arc and, of course, there is a street named after her. And what a street it is! It leads directly to the Sainte-Croix Cathedral, a marvel of Gothic architecture that demonstrates the city’s rich heritage. 

F. Delong – CRT Centre-Val de Loire


Admire the facade (which is lit up at night) and the two impressive towers. Step inside and you will see the superb organs, which come from the Saint-Benoît-sur-Loire Abbey. As for the bells, they were made at the Bollée bell foundry, right near the city centre. The foundry is still active and houses a museum. 

There are three other museums worth a visit. At the Orléans Museum of History and Archaeology, admire a rare collection of bronze statues from the Gallo-Roman era, and at the Fine Arts Museum, you can see wonderful pastels, second only to those in the Louvre. And Orléans also has contemporary art – for that, head to FRAC Centre. The museum building, nicknamed “Les Turbulences”, is worth the trip alone! 

N. Borel
Vue Frac Orléans
Vue Hotel Groslot Orléans
V. Treney

Lastly, don’t miss the Groslot Hotel (and the statue of Joan of Arc), a charming red-brick town house. 


The city has always been intimately connected its river. It was the source of Orléans’ rich history of trade: tapestries and paintings, slate from Anjou, salt and dried fish from the Atlantic, and much more travelled on this waterway. Not to mention the famous vinegar of Orléans, made from wine that arrived sour after a long journey. Every two years, the Loire Festival places the spotlight on the river and the activities that take place there. It features gatherings of boats, shows and other events, in a festive atmosphere. 

Un Monde A Velo


The centre of Orléans has been entirely renovated, featuring a large, newly paved pedestrian zone and dynamic lighting that enhances the boutiques of artisanal creators. 

La Paillote guinguette à Orléans
C. Mouton

The redeveloped banks of the Loire are just as pleasant, inviting you to take a stroll in nature During summer, they are brought to life by the open-air cafes or “guinguettes”, where you can catch a live concert. It’s the perfect place to relax, with a glass of Loire wine in your hand… 


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