Do you dream of leaving Paris to cycle with the wind in your hair? Do you want to adventure on stunning itinerary suitable for all? Welcome to the Véloscénie! Inaugurated in 2016, this one-of-a-kind cycle route connects Paris to Mont Saint-Michel and covers 450km. Set out to discover its architectural gems and natural treasures during an unforgettable cycle-touring adventure!

The Véloscénie, a one-of-a-kind cycle route

D. Darrault – CRT Centre-Val de Loire

The Véloscénie travels from Paris to the bay of Mont Saint-Michel via a 450-km signposted cycle route. It’s a stunning itinerary that includes the Haute Vallée de Chevreuse Regional Nature Park, the Eure valley, countryside roads in Perche, hills in Maine and Normandy woodland, before arriving at the famous Mont Saint-Michel!
Rambouillet, Chartres, Nogent-le-Rotrou, Alençon… Set off as a family or with friends to discover fantastic natural, architectural and gastronomic heritage. Composed of unforgettable stages (five of which include UNESCO World Heritage sites), the Véloscénie is one of the most beautiful cycle routes starting in Paris!

Through Loire Valley countryside on the Véloscénie

With its total of 450 km, the Véloscénie crosses 4 regions, including the Loire Valley via the Eure-et-Loir department. The route travels approximately 115 km from Epernon to Nogent-le-Rotrou and can be completed in five stages of approximately 20 km each, perfect for an enjoyable break in the heart of the Loire countryside!

Epernon – Maintenon 

Start in Epernon, a charming town listed as a Petite Cité de Caractère®, for the first stage of your journey through the Loire Valley. Hop on your mount and cycle in the direction of Maintenon through the Eure valley, passing fields, forests and rivers in a fantastic countryside setting filled with peace and bucolic charm! When you arrive in Maintenon, don’t miss a visit of the château with its French-style gardens. This architectural gem once housed Louis XIV’s love affairs with his mistress, Madame de Maintenon!  

Lezbroz – Teddy Verneuil

Maintenon – Chartres

Leave Maintenon in the direction of Chartres for the next stage of your journey. As you follow the Eure, you’ll cycle through pleasant fields and can stop for a refreshing break on the edge of one of the lakes along the greenway. You’ll soon draw near to Chartres with its landmark Notre-Dame cathedral. Take the opportunity to admire the majestic view before heading towards the old part of the city with its cobbled little streets.

D. Darrault – CRT Centre-Val de Loire

Chartres – Illiers-Combray

The next stage will take you back into the countryside towards Illiers-Combray. Nestled between hills and plains at the crossroads between Beauce and Perche, this Petite Cité de Caractère® offers a verdant setting interlaced with streams. It is easy to see why this incredible location inspired Marcel Proust, who was born here, for his novel In search of lost time. Walk in the writer’s footsteps as you visit the Tante Léonie museum, the Pré Catelan garden and the Folie Cotton tower.

Illiers-Combray – Thiron-Gardais 

Begin the next stage of your journey along the quiet country lanes of Perche. As the first hills appear, you will start to feel the climbs in your legs but the shade offered by the surrounding trees is perfect for staying cool. As you travel, the verdant rolling landscape of the Perch Regional Nature Park unfolds before you offering stunning views! The traditional little village of Thiron-Gardais marks the end of the stage. Stretch your legs by taking a leisurely stroll through the abbey, the village’s well-kept secret!

D. Darrault – CRT Centre-Val de Loire

Thiron-Gardais – Nogent-le-Rotrou

Continue your route through the Perche Regional Nature Park where you will discover woodlands, hills, valleys and forests… This final stage in the Loire Valley uses winding roads bordered by typical villages and viewpoints of the Berthe valley. You will also pass Rougemont hill, the highest point in Eure-et-Loir. The final descent (much appreciated!) takes you to Nogent-le-Rotrou, once the capital of the counts of Perche. However, there’s still one last effort to make if you want to visit the château that overlooks the Huisne valley! 


A few tips for organising your cycling tour

Accommodation, restaurants, places to visit, tourist offices, bike hire and repairsYou will find plenty of certified “Accueil Vélo” establishments along the Véloscénie that offer quality services for a carefree experience! Make sure you plan your itinerary in advance so you can travel with peace of mind. Whether you’re a lover of nature or history, whether you’re among the most energetic or are more contemplative, there’s something for everyone! If you’re riding as a family, plan shorter, flatter stages and remember to take plenty of breaks.   

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