The Loire Valley is full of stunning wild landscapes, but that’s not all. Its small towns and villages are full of real cachet and blend perfectly into the natural Loire Valley setting. Discover these unique places, nestled along the Loire and its tributaries.


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Port de Briare

The reputation of Briare‘s riverside heritage is well-established. The magnificent aqueduct is a testament to it, 662 metres long and built in the 19th century with the involvement of Gustave Eiffel. The best way to see this monument is by boat, but you can also cross it by foot or bike for an unbeatable view of the Loire.

In Gien, the Château of Anne de Beaujeu features a brick and stone facade and a museum dedicated to hunting, history and nature in the Loire Valley. The internationally renowned Faïencerie de Gien continues to produce earthenware locally, a testament to French know-how for over 200 years. Learn more at the Museum of the Faïencerie de Gien. 

P. Avenet – CRT Centre-Val de Loire
Gien et la Loire
OT des Terres du Val de Loire
Les Mauves à Meung-sur-Loire

In Meung-sur-Loire, take some time to walk around the little streets, lined with timber-frame houses. Follow the Mauves river if you wish to discover the secrets of the ancient mills. You can also head off to explore the huge Château of Meung-sur-Loire. For four centuries, it was the prestigious residence of the Bishop of Orléans. Visit every corner, including the dungeons!

The medieval city of Beaugency is incredibly charming. Don’t miss a visit to the Château of Beaugency, which is dedicated to digital art. You can also discover the Town Hall, home to its famous wall hangings (17th century), admire the César Tower (a 6th century keep) and of course, see the city’s remarkable bridge, the oldest in the Loire. 

C. Mouton – CRT Centre-Val de Loire
Balade à vélo à Beaugency
J.C. Coutand – ADT Touraine

Amboise is truly a royal town. On one side, you’ll see a majestic château overlooking the Loire, where King Francis I lived. On the other lies the Château of Le Clos-Lucé, where the ingenious Leonardo da Vinci worked on many projects for the King… From its lovely streets to the quays along the Loire, savour the Italian-style charm of this beautiful town. 


Nestled along the Vienne river and surrounded by vineyards, Chinon was the birthplace of famous author François Rabelais, and it’s sure to leave a strong impression. Overlooking this City of Art and History, you’ll find the intimidating ramparts of the Fortress of Chinon.  Stroll through the historic neighbourhoods and little, winding streets lined with beautiful half-timbered houses.   

P. Avenet – CRT Centre-Val de Loire
Chinon et la Vienne
Cité royale de Loches
Gillard et Vincent – CRT Centre-Val de Loire

The Royal City of Loches dominates the Indre Valley Discover the charm of this “City of Art and History” as you wander around its cobblestone streets and lanesThere’s no shortage of sights to see, including the royal residence, the intimidating, 37 metre-high keep, the Chancery, the Saint-Antoine Tower and its gallery, the Saint-Ours Collegial Church and the Porte Cordeliers passageway. 


Montrichard is a fine example of a medieval city, on the banks of the Cher, as shown by its ancient residences and the large château, which is home to a keep. Aboard a canoe, a pedal boat or a traditional boat, take a cruise down the Cher river and enjoy the charm of this little city. 

D. Darrault – CRT Centre-Val de Loire
Pique-nique au bord du Cher à Montrichard


Abbaye de la Trinité à Vendôme
A. Veillith – Communauté du Pays de Vendôme

The Loir runs right through Vendôme, which is home to many historic buildings and beautiful gardens. For a journey through the rich heritage of this City of Art and History, you can choose one of two walking tour routes. Just follow the little gold discs on the ground, from monument to monument. Information about each site is provided on signs. 

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