Discovering a region through the know-how of its winemakers, wandering through oceans of vines and tasting iconic vintages – that’s the philosophy of wine tourism! From Sancerre to Tours and Chinon, Loire Valley vineyards extend all along the royal river. Dive deep into the heart of a terroir where tradition and elegance go hand in hand. Visit wineries, taste wines, discover vineyards, be a part of the harvest or enjoy wine & food pairings… Come and meet all the people representing winemaking know-how in the Loire region!  


T. Martrou – CRT Centre-Val de Loire

Welcome to the home of wine diversity! Reds, roses, whites, sparkling, semi-dry or sweet… Loire Valley wines represent nearly 25 appellations and thousands of producers. 

Thanks to its temperate climate, the Loire river and its tributaries, and its mosaic of terroirs, winegrowers have been able to develop their know-how for over 15 centuries, giving rise to a wide range of wines. Enjoy discovering this unique aspect of the region during your wine tourism trip – you won’t find it anywhere else!    

Visite guidée pour un groupe dans les vignes avec It's Wine Time
Pierre Mérat – It's Wine Time

Come and meet passionate winegrowers, who will be delighted to share their expertise with you, passed down from generation to generation. You will be surprised by the wealth of wineries to visit: châteaux, of course, but also trogolyte caves and unusual cellars. Enjoy unique wine tourism experiences at cellars that have received the “Cave Touristique du Val de Loire®” label (Loire Valley Tourist Cellar) in recognition of the quality of their services. Take part in the harvest with the winegrowers, learn how to taste wine, or even sleep in the heart of the vineyard with family or friends! In the Loire Valley, you can also discover the charming vineyards of the Loire Châteaux, such as Cheverny, Valençay, and Azay-le-Rideau.


D. Darrault – CRT Centre-Val de Loire

On both sides of the royal river, the Loire Valley is UNESCO World Heritage-listed for its landscapes and châteaux, cultivating the art of living and home to world-renowned vineyards. Dive in to discover this magnificent winemaking region along 800 km of the Route des Vins. 

JC Coutand – ADT Touraine
Dégustation de vin à la cave de la Dive bouteille

From troglodyte villages to chateaux, cities and gardens, you will be welcomed by winegrowers at over 200 tourist cellars to taste the many appellations of the Loire Valley. There’s plenty of fabulous stops to make along the way!

Touraine is home to 5,000 hectares of vines. 
Among the most well-known appellations, you can explore Chinon, Vouvray and Touraine-Chenonceaux. The route from Chinon to Saint-Aignan via Amboise and Bloise will take you past nearly 150 estates that you can visit, bearing the “Caves Touristiques du Val de Loire” label. 80% are committed to an eco-friendly approach. You will have no shortage of options to perfect your selection and decide how you want to visit the Loire Valley!


Let’s celebrate Loire Valley wines! There’s nothing like a festive event to enjoy the friendly atmosphere of a vineyard. Each year, you can experience it at Vitiloire in Tours, the biggest wine fair in the Loire Valley! This regional event brings together over 150 standholders, at an outdoor venue with a fun ambiance. It’s the perfect occasion to promote local viticulture and gastronomy! Another well-known event that’s not to be missed each summer is It’s Wine Time, in the vineyards of Berry, Sancerre and Giennois. Enjoy surprising tasting tours in various places and appellations of the region.

Julie Truffert – Interloire
Stands devant un batiment qui doit être une gare
Point de départ d'une randonnée dans les vignes lors de Vignes Vins Randos
Stevens Frémont

And we can’t forget Vignes Vins Randos, the wine tourism event in the Loire Valley that’s definitely worth experiencing. For each edition, the event offers more than ten delicious walks throughout all the Loire Valley vineyards. The routes are spotted with tastings at wineries, offering a unique opportunity to discover the region’s most beautiful wine terroirs!


D. Darrault – CRT Centre-Val de Loire

Fall under the charm of the Loire Valley art of living!

You can also enjoy wine tourism by exploring local gastronomy or taking a bike ride along La Loire à Vélo to arrive at your next destination. Why not deepen your knowledge of Loire Valley wines with wine & food pairings? Head to the vines to explore the vineyard in a new way with a unique bike ride. And on the way, stop at one of the best restaurants in the region for a moment of pure gourmet pleasure, enhanced with the tasting of a prestigious vintage!  

You can visit Loire Valley wineries as part of a more responsible, “slow tourism” approach. Thanks to this alternative mode of travel, which is more eco-friendly, you can discover the vineyard landscapes at your own pace. Take the time to talk to the winemakers, breathe in the extraordinary diversity of the landscapes, savour local gastronomy… In short, become one with all of the region’s charms! 

*Drink responsibly.  

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