Châteaux near Blois

Besides the famous Châteaux of Blois and Chambord there are a host of other interesting châteaux nearby, such as the Château of Talcy, the Château of Villesavin, the Château de Fougères and the Donjon de Montrichard.

The Châteaux of Villesavin and Talcy: close to Blois and the Château of Chambord

It is not by chance that the Château of Villesavin is located right next door to the Château of Chambord. The château was assigned to Jean le Breton by Francis I, who had appointed him to oversee the work on the prestigious château of Chambord. The location was truly strategic for supervising the progress of this vast site!
The more romantic history of the Château of Talcy contains a love story, as it was in this fortified home that the poet Pierre de Ronsard fell in love with the beautiful Cassandre, the daughter of the house's owner, and who was the inspiration for his famous ode, “Mignonne, allons voir…”. The inside of the château boasts period decoration, outside, the fine orchard is well worth taking a stroll around.

Major fortresses and keeps near Blois

The fascinating fortress of the Château of Fougères-sur-Bièvre, built in the 15th and 16th centuries, boasts an impressive keep with machicolated curtain wall. Don't miss the charming medieval garden and arcaded gallery (recalling the one at the Château of Blois), marking the rise of the Renaissance style.
Another impressive keep in the area is the Donjon de Montrichard (12th century), which dominates the eponymous townand the valley of the River Cher. It houses two interesting museums: the musée d’archéologie René Galloux (René Galloux archaeological museum), which notably includes a collection of local fossils, and the musée d’ethnologie des Amis du vieux Montrichard (Amis du vieux Montrichard ethnological museum), offering a comprehensive overview of local history.

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