All along the Loire Valley, its majestic châteaux are a reminder of its history as the favourite region of the French kings and court for several centuries. In addition to the most renowned sites, you will find smaller family-owned châteaux, breathtaking gardens tended by enthusiasts and remarkable religious buildings… all equally worth discovering! The association Les Châteaux de la Loire – Vallée des Rois brings together over 100 outstanding sites and monuments to visit, whether in the heart of the Loire Valley or off the beaten track, from Nantes to Apremont-sur-Allier. Discover this unique heritage nestling in the outstanding Loire Valley landscape, part of which is listed as UNESCO world heritage.

A collection of châteaux in the Loire valley

There are many amazing places to discover, from the château-museum dedicated to hunting in Gien and the Carolingian oratory in Germigny-des-Près, which is one of the oldest churches in France, to the Château of Talcy which hosted the love affair between Ronsard and the beautiful Cassandra. In Blois, the Royal Château was the home of seven kings and ten queens of France, while the pretty and fully furnished Château of Montpoupon has been lived in by the same family since 1857 and the charming Château of l’Islette hosted the tumultuous relationship between Camille Claudel and Rodin. Simply cross the threshold of these monuments to step into the heart of this exceptional heritage! Discover the rich past and history of these exceptional monuments through a range of visits, including guided, unaccompanied, themed and family tours. These unique destinations are also at the cutting edge of technology, offering a true-to-life immersion in the past!

Events and activities at the châteaux

All year round, these exceptional heritage sites offer a host of events and activities, including concerts, exhibitions, shows and escape games. For example, at the Château of La Bussière, children can follow a fun cabin trail, while at the Château of Selles-sur-Cher, visitors can don a pair of 3D glasses and embark on a journey through time from the Middle Ages to the beginning of the 20th century! From contemporary scenography to digital tools, countless Loire châteaux welcome you for augmented reality visits that bring the historic decors back to life, including the Château of Chambord, the Château of Amboise and the Royal City of Loches, where the Histopad will guide you through the corridors of time!

Image en réalité augmentée de la chambre de la reine Marie d'Anjou à Chinon
Nuit des Mille Feux à Villandry, rayons lumineux dans les jardins du chateau
F. Delong – CRT Centre-Val de Loire

Strength lies in unity, and it is among friends that you will solve the puzzles to escape from the forgotten chapel at the Royal Fortress of Chinon. Last but not least, couples will enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the “Nights of a Thousand Lights” in the gardens of Villandry, when they are lit by over 2,000 candles! Les Châteaux de la Loire – Vallée des Rois invites you to step into the pages of a life-size history book…

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