The royal Château of Blois: discover the secrets of the french court

Intimately linked to the lives of 7 kings and 10 queens of France, the magnificent Royal Château of Blois proudly overlooks the city of the same name. A legacy of French royal power but also a lesson in art and architecture, the building makes Blois a unique destination at the start of the Loire châteaux route. Discover the different styles of its façades, its collections of art and precious furniture and a particularly rich scenography during an unforgettable visit!

The royal Château of Blois: a journey into the depths of the past

The Royal Château of Blois was once the residence of 7 kings and 10 queens of France and was the centre of monarchical power. Prolific builders, these kings and queens left the château with an array of different styles dating from the Middle Ages to the 17th century, creating a medley of gothic, Renaissance and classical influences that combine to form a stunning whole. From the Royal Apartments to the Fine Arts Museum, the Château of Blois will immerse you in centuries of art and history. The château’s four wings surround a paved courtyard to spectacular effect. Here, you can admire the red brickwork and elegant gallery of the Louis XII Wing, the monumental and partly external ceremonial staircase of the Francis I Wing and the classical refinement of the Gaston d’Orléans Wing. In summer, don’t miss the spectacular sound and light show that will delight all the family!

Chateau royal de Blois avec vue sur l'escalier

Famous occupants of the royal château of Blois

La Chambre de la Reine au chateau royal de Blois
Daniel Lépissier

Over a period of more than four centuries, the royal residence of Blois was home to a succession of kings, queens and princes and welcomed some of the most illustrious figures in French history. It was the favourite residence of Charles of Orléans, the birthplace of Louis XII – who lived there with his wife Anne of Brittany – the first project of the builder-king Francis I, the place of death of Catherine de’ Medici and the place of exile of Marie de’ Medici… Today, the Royal Château opens its doors and invites you to walk in the footsteps of these renowned figures of the past!

Visiting the royal château of Blois

Different ways to visit the royal château of Blois

Several different visit routes allow you to discover all the riches of the Château of Blois. The scenography of the Royal Apartments reveals the different aspects of daily life during the Renaissance. The incredible collection of art, furniture and period artefacts is enhanced by the interior decor, carefully restored thanks to past and ongoing restoration work. The Royal Château of Blois endeavours to continually improve the visitor experience. For example, the Estates General Room has been transformed into an interpretation space with six giant screens that reveal the architectural changes made to the château over the centuries. Outside, from the Honour Courtyard, you can explore the garden of the Foix Terrace and the Saint Calais Chapel. This remarkable site also boasts an exceptional view of the City of Blois and the Loire Valley!

Chateau royal de Blois
Chateau Royal de Blois - Costume de femme
T. Bourgoin

To tip:

The Fine Arts Museum houses a rich collection of paintings, tapestries and sculptures. Explore the different rooms, from the “Virgin with Child” Room to the History Room, dedicated to paintings from the 17th to the 19th centuries, and the Châteaux Room.

Visit the royal château of Blois in a new way using a HistoPad

Chateau royal de Blois-Façade François Ier avec l'escalier
Tim Somerset – Château royal de Blois

Inside the château, pick up a Histopad and embark on an augmented reality visit! With this groundbreaking mediation device, you can handle and test a range of historical objects, fathom the details of a painting or view the original decor of the Estates General Room using immersive technology! The Royal Château of Blois will soon hold no more secrets for you…


What is the sound and light show?

It is one of the most magical moments at the Royal Château of Blois! With the arrival of the fine weather, this unique show lights up the facades of the four wings of the monument with visual and sound effects. Performed every evening at nightfall in the château courtyard, it is a real must-see!

What is the best way to book a visit to the Royal Château of Blois?

Save time and prepare your visit to the Royal Château of Blois by booking your ticket via the link below!

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You can buy combined tickets that give you admission to the château and the sound and light show, or other nearby attractions such as the Maison de la Magie.

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