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There’s change in the air...

The Royal Fortress of Chinon is opening two new spaces this year, as well as extending its escape game and inaugurating a new exhibition on the mysteries surrounding its famous residents.  

After the reconstruction of the Charles VII's private chamber, the Royal Fortress is unveiling the furnished room that was once that of King Henry Plantagenet and Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine. Royal seats, trunks, a table and the royal bed... The room has been refurnished like for like down to the smallest details, including the linen on the bed which has been made with wild silk and a reproduction of a famous fabric dating from the 12th century. The château has also created a new mediation space dedicated to the Plantagenet dynasty and scientific research in connection with the royal residence. Its new exhibition, “Myths and Legends of the Royal Fortress of Chinon”, will be open from 20 May to 2 November. The exhibition will shed light on the mysteries surrounding the emblematic figures of the site, from Saint George to the curse of the Templars via the Arthurian legend.... Last but not least, the fortress is enhancing the enigmas in its escape game, with clues now dispersed in the park and several rooms of the monument.