Medieval Bestiary

The Royal City of Loches is revealing the symbolic power of animals in the Middle Ages through its new exhibition: “Medieval bestiary: royal and fantastical". 

In the Middle Ages, people projected various beliefs onto animals, which became symbols of moral or religious qualities. These precepts were written down in bestiaries - or books on the nature of animals - which were used by royal families to compose their coats of arms. Bears, lions, dolphins, ermines, salamanders... Animals were chosen according to their merits and virtues in order to represent the personality and image of the sovereigns. The new exhibition at the Château of Loches illustrates the place of animals in the Middle Ages using examples of royal animal emblems in iconography, lapidary and decorative arts such as those found within the Royal City. As visitors explore the exhibition, they will better understand the fantastical nature of bestiaries and the views in general held by people in medieval times. An exciting exhibition to discover from 4 April to 20 September.