Revival of the royal garden

To celebrate the memory of the former royal gardens, a new landscaped area has been created in the château’s grounds, offering a perfect location for visitors to relax in. 

Planted by Louis XII and Anne of Brittany, the royal gardens were considered the first Renaissance-style gardens, a pioneering design at the time. In keeping with this avant-garde spirit, the Château of Blois has planted a new contemporary garden beneath century-old trees at the foot of the Foix tower. Overlooking the city and the Loire River, this landscaped setting inspired by the Renaissance style spreads out over two levels. The area dedicated to Anne of Brittany offers a poetic retreat planted with species that the queen was particularly fond of. The Gaston d'Orléans garden is perfect for relaxing in and offers a unique panoramic viewpoint. Multiple events are organized throughout the year, bringing this verdant theatre to life, including performances, tales, concerts and “zen” activities in harmony with the peacefulness of the location. Visitors can also admire Laurence Dréano's monumental sculpture titled “So irrésistible”, a veritable hymn to love.