New vegetable patches

The new organic farm of the Chambord estate pursues two goals: to produce fruit and vegetables locally and to raise awareness of the benefits of sustainable agriculture.

Buying salads at the heart of Francis I’s estate is now possible! The Château of Chambord has created a vegetable patch according to the principles of organic agriculture: environmentally-friendly and allowing the soil to regenerate. So, surrounding the stables of the Marshall of Saxony, around forty varieties of vegetables have already been produced and sold to local restaurant owners, leading by example for biodiversity and local farming. This project equally aims to make the public aware of the role of permaculture in the protection of the environment: daily guided visits are lead by the château’s gardeners who sell their produce to individuals. Eventually this first plot of 5,000m2 will extend to more than six hectares, with new growth this year, a field devoted to agroforestry and a market orchard.