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From courage to audacity

The Château of Valençay is hosting two major exhibitions this season: one is decidedly contemporary, while the other is dedicated to an unusual chapter in the history of art in the 20th century...

The Château of Valençay’s cultural program promises plenty of thrills as of 14 March this year, with the opening of the exhibition from the 10th International Culinary Photography Festival. The exhibition will present works by 25 international photographers who have explored the theme of culinary audacity with boldness, humour and just as much creativity! It will finish on 30 June to make way for an exciting retrospective from 11 July to 11 November: “From the Louvre to Valençay (1939-1946)". This exhibition will look back on the dark period of the Second World War during which the Château of Valençay served as an official repository for French Museums, including the Louvre. Its rooms housed priceless masterpieces such as The Venus of Milo and The Slaves by Machelangelo, until the final repatriations in 1946. Thanks to its conservation measures and the courage of its staff, Talleyrand’s château contributed in an outstanding way to the protection of French heritage during the Occupation.