To the rescue of the Duke of Sully

The Château of Sully-sur-Loire launches a new Escape Game featuring the Grand Sully, the first Duke of Sully, against a backdrop of religious wars: suspense guaranteed!

In the middle of religious wars between the Catholics and the Protestants, Maximilien de Béthune is attempting to restore the military situation when he is mysteriously poisoned... Only the alchemist has the power to deliver an antidote but he is found stabbed. The situation is critical so he turns to the alchemist’s visitors to find the means to prepare the antidote to save the Duke! Teams of 4 to 6 player have an hour to solve the riddles which will save the Grand Sully in a tense atmosphere. This gripping new escape game is suitable for adults and teenagers over 16, those aged 12-16 must be accompanied by an adult. Game by reservation, the price of the ticket also includes visit to the château.