A mouth-watering anniversary

In 2020, 20 years after the Loire Valley was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Château of Le Rivau is fittingly celebrating 20 years since it first opened to the public!
2020 will be a year full of festivities for the Château of Le Rivau, which is celebrating 20 years of adventures with its visitors, based on a very important theme: taste. The taste for Art, obviously, through an exhibition of works by thirty or so artists on the subject of food in every form. From daily bread (both physical and spiritual) to complex recipes, junk food and forbidden fruit, it will showcase surprising and unusual works and revisit the time old tradition of still life. The Château will also celebrate the taste for authenticity in the culinary arts in the heart of its gardens. Visitors will be invited to glean edible plants grown in the new wellbeing garden, accompanied by Noémie Vialard. The herbs and vegetables will then be presented and cooked by great chefs using environmentally friendly cooking techniques, and who will be sharing their expertise every weekend in July. Last but not least, the Loire Valley’s most mischievous château will be celebrating its taste for fun by inviting you to “Fantasy Riverbanks”, its new “escape garden” from 4 April to 1 November.