Invitation to the Grand Banquet

Cheese turnovers, Cameline sauce and pots of lamb pâté will garnish the tables from the month of May, at the first medieval banquets open to the public at the Château of Langeais

The Château of Langeais is a valuable witness of the medieval period, notably of seigneurial life at the end of the Middle Ages. The appearance of the fortress, the richly furnished rooms, as well as the landscapes return the atmosphere of the gorgeous 15th and 16th century dwellings. This impressive fortress will be lively this year with the organisation of grand banquets, open to the public. So you are invited on 30 May to the first banquet in one of the emblematic halls. Throughout this meal you will discover all of the culinary heritage of the end of the Middle Ages: how they organised the service, what dishes were used and especially what garnished these long ago feasts. The opportunity to taste the famous hippocras, the pre-dinner drink of the Middle Ages, roasts, pastries, fish and spiced sauces which formerly energised the palace. Young lords, Damsels: book now!