A new cultural space

Loyal to its tradition, the Château of Le Clos-Lucé shines a light on the heritage of Leonardo da Vinci by opening a new space dedicated to the Italian master.

2020 will be a memorable year for the Château of Le Clos-Lucé with the opening of a new space for culture and museography within its grounds. This 500m2, old industrial building presents two main facets of the genius’ work: paintings and architecture. The first space invites the visitor into the heart of an immersive show bringing the seventeen masterpieces of Leonardo da Vinci to life in order to reveal the secrets of his imagination and creation. All of the architectural and urban-planning talents of Leonardo da Vinci are revealed in a large interactive exhibition consisting of models, digital tables, 3D animation and a projection of Romorantin, ‘the new Rome’, onto the spectacular palace. The only one of its kind in the world, this new establishment honours the memory, knowledge and universe of Leonardo da Vinci in the place where he lived.