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The Queen's Apothecary’s Room

The Château of Chenonceau is unveiling Catherine de’ Medici’s best kept secrets, with the opening of the original Queen's Apothecary’s Room to visitors.

From a young age, Catherine de’ Medici was constantly surrounded by scholars, herbalists and apothecaries. When she lived in the Château of Chenonceau, the queen possessed her own apothecary’s laboratory where the famous Nostradamus prepared remedies and concoctions for her. In the building known as “Les Dômes”, the Château has reconstructed the dispensary from scratch, as it was in the 16th century. Its glass and wood cases, originally from a Florentine palace, house a collection of 500 flasks, scales, mortars and earthenware pots, some of which date back to the 14th century. The only one of its kind in a Loire château, the room will be enhanced this year with the addition of a new science area that will, in time, become a technological innovation space. In doing so, the Château of Chenonceau aims to bring to life the legacy of one of its most illustrious residents.