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3D journey from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance.

As part of the ‘Jean Breton: the Renaissance at Villandry’ exhibition, the Château of Villandry reveals its new 3D film: ‘Villandry: From Medieval Times to the Renaissance’.

From the ancient fortress of Colombier to the refined château and gardens that we see today, Villandry has witnessed an incredible transformations. Thanks to 3D modelling, a new video retraces the multiple architectural changes of the château, under the control of its owner Jean le Breton. Finance Minister to King Francis I, the royal secretary demolished the ancient medieval fortress, with the exception of the keep, to build one of the most elegant dwellings of the Loire Valley. He relied on his vast experience of architecture acquired on many building sites to erect a palace characteristic of the second French Renaissance. Projected in the entrance of the château, the film ‘Villandry: From Medieval Times to the Renaissance’ is an interesting introduction before visiting the building.