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Touraine: Yet Another Château Joins the Party!

For the fourth year in a row, the châteaux in the Touraine region will be sprucing up and putting on quite a show this Christmas. In addition to Chenonceau, Amboise, Azay-le-Rideau, Chinon and Langeais, a sixth chateau will be coming to join them, to add to the fun in the fairy tale world of the holiday season. 
From December 1 to January 6, in parallel with its creative Christmas wreath workshops, visitors to the Cité Royale de Loches will be able to rediscover Charles Dickens’ beloved classic, ‘A Christmas Carol’. Fairy tales always play a key role in the year-end holidays as they carry us back to the magical world of childhood, making even our wildest dreams come true. They may be not quite as important as those much-awaited Christmas gifts in your stockings or under the tree, but almost!
Each château in Touraine has adopted a different theme to highlight the many aspects of the holiday season. The Château d’Amboise will focus on the changes in the celebration over the centuries, with a particular emphasis on the heavenly sphere of angels. The Château d’Azay-le Rideau will be firing up our appetites with a ‘Gourmet Christmas’, while Chenonceau will display an array of décors, one more beautiful than the next. The Royal Fortress of Chinon and the Château de Langeais will be dazzling visitors with other grand holiday traditions, such as festively decorated Christmas trees and colourful sparkling lights. Just look at this spectacular video of ‘Christmas in the Land of the Chateaux’ to see what’s awaiting you!
Take a short break between two châteaux visits to stroll around the lively streets of Tours: take some time out to do a bit of shopping, and stop for a glass or two of mulled wine along the way to gear up. You can also head off in the direction of Vouvray or Chinon for some fabulous wine tastings and to discover the region’s renowned troglodyte wines cellars.
A ride on a dog-sled, fine restaurants and a night in comfy hotel with a spa, what more could you ask for as a glorious winter holiday on the banks of the Loire. It’s a far better deal than what’s ahead for Father Christmas: he has to travel around the world in just one night, in a sleigh pulled by reindeers and distributing gifts in the cold! 
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