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Orléans and the Holiday Season: Christmas with a ‘French Touch’

Six châteaux in the area around Orléans will be welcoming you this Christmas season, each in its own special way. The Château de Meung-sur-Loire will be showcasing scenes from our favourite childhood fairy tales and legends. You can also tour the magnificent Château de La-Ferté-Saint-Aubin, one of the ‘stars’ of the region, by candlelight and enjoy a cup of steaming hot chocolate in the château’s kitchens. Or enjoy the tranquil scenes from a traditional family Christmas on display at the Château de la Bussière.
The Château de Sully-sur-Loire, an impressive medieval fortress on the banks of the Loire, will be replicating a forest in its dungeon, while the Château de Gien, nearby, will have a gigantic 2.5 tonne ice sculpture representing a life-size version of a falconer on horseback, prey in hand, on show. And then there’s that absolute must, the Château de Chamerolles. Its famous perfume museum is a perfect stop to pick up some of those last-minute Christmas gifts!
All of the châteaux will be gaily attired in Christmas colours and illuminated at night. Enjoy carriage rides, carolling, mulled wine and cinnamon buns along with all the other trappings of an authentic French Christmas. You can even bask in warmth of a château fireside, and practice your language skills with the ‘Père Noël’ in residence!  
The six châteaux are around Orléans and between Gien and Sully-sur-Loire, an easy triangle, so you can take in two or three or even more at one fell swoop. So come join us and get your fill of lights, music and fun! 
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