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The Loire châteaux are a must-see in autumn

The leaves have taken on golden colours, the soft autumn sun lights up the facades of the Loire châteaux, cucurbits reign in the gardens... It’s time for an outing!

An outing to the Château of Sully-sur-Loire 

A charming walk awaits you at the Château of Sully-sur-Loire. Besides its tall, crenelated towers and water-filled moat, this former residence of the Duke of Sully, Minister to King Henry IV, also reveals a luxurious Renaissance interior. On the second floor, there is an impressive barrel vault roof dating from the late 14th century, and an equally stunning view over the surrounding countryside from the chemin de ronde! You will particularly enjoy walking in the extensive park at this time of the year, when you can enjoy a unique view of the château against the backdrop of the beautiful autumn colours of the tall trees.


An outing to the Château of Cheverny.

The beautiful white facades of the Château de Cheverny won’t fail to win you over. This Loire château, which is still lived in, has belonged to the same family for more than six centuries. As you wander from one room to another you will appreciate the welcoming atmosphere and stunning furnishings. Before visiting the permanent exhibition on “The Secrets of Marlinspike”, where you will meet Tintin and his friends, take a moment to discover the vast park. The forest can be explored by boat or in an electric vehicle from which you can admire the magnificent wooded setting with its cedars, sequoias and lime trees. Extend the trip with a visit to the château’s colourful flower and vegetable garden.



An outing to the Château of Chambord

The Château of Chambord, set in an extensive wooded park of 5440 hectares, is resplendent in its autumn colours! Cross the multiple rooms in the château, go up (or down!) its famous double helix staircase which can be climbed on either side without ever crossing paths with the other... It will lead you to the terraces and a stunning panoramic view over the estate and French formal gardens stretching out below. Next, go for a stroll in the park. 15 km of cycle paths and multiple walks will take you up close to the estate’s fauna and flora. Stop off at one of the many observatories. If you’re patient and remain quiet, you may be lucky enough to see one of the many animals living in the forest.


An outing to the Château of Chaumont-sur-Loire

From 19 October to early November, the Château of Chaumont-sur-Loire is bedecked in autumn colours. Cucurbits of varying shapes and sizes fill the estate and its paths, creating stunning scenes of leafy plants and seasonal vegetables that overflow into the château and its outbuildings. Don’t miss this spectacular show of Autumn splendour! It is also an opportunity to enjoy the International Garden Festival during which you can stroll around thirty or so “Gardens of Paradise”, which is the theme of the 2019 edition. The château and its park also host works by artists invited as part of the estate’s Art Season.


 An outing to the gardens of the Château of Villandry

At this time of year, the colourful cucurbits and other seasonal vegetables are in full glory in the famous ornamental kitchen garden in the Villandry gardens. Vegetables blend harmoniously with a multitude of autumn flowers. You will be won over by the stunning sight of these nine identical square beds… A true feast for the eyes! The two Salons in the Ornamental Garden, the Water Garden, the Sun Garden and the Simple Garden also offer plenty other colourful and floral discoveries. Before visiting the château, stop off at the belvedere in the wood overlooking the gardens, where you will enjoy a different perspective!

An outing to the Château of Le Clos-Lucé

The pretty Château of Le Clos Lucé was the home of Leonardo da Vinci during the last three years of his life. Having been invited by Francis I, it was here that the Italian genius worked on numerous projects for the king until his death on 2 May 1519. The visit will lead you on a discovery of his many inventions. 3D animations and models demonstrate the extent of the great Master’s research, and his perfectly restored workshops reveal the studious atmosphere in which Leonardo da Vinci worked throughout the day. In the vast park, visitors can work large-scale machines constructed from his drawings, including the aerial screw, armoured vehicle and giant wheel.


An outing to the Château of Langeais

On the city side, the Château of Langeais has the appearance of a medieval fortress. It is still accessed today via a fully functioning drawbridge! Its high walls, machicolations and chemin de ronde accentuate its forbidding appearance. On the courtyard side, however, you will discover an elegant facade embellished by mullion windows. This Loire château hosted the marriage of Charles VII to Anne of Brittany, an event which marked the attachment of Brittany to the kingdom of France. In the park, the stone keep built by Fulk the Black is one of the oldest in France. Scaffolding and lifting gear allow visitors to understand the construction methods used by builders in 1000AD.

Plenty of other exciting discoveries await you in the Loire Châteaux