Unusual: Joan of Arc at Chinon

The meeting in 1429 between Joan of Arc and the Dauphin, the future Charles VII, whom she later led to coronation after liberating Orleans from the hands of the English, changed the course of French history.

If ever there was a decisive meeting for the history of France, it was the one between Joan of Arc and Charles VII. Just as the Dauphin was giving up all hope of reclaiming his throne from the English, he heard of a young girl from Lorraine who had received a divine message announcing her predestination to save the king and the whole kingdom. The king received the Maid of Orleans in Chinon on 25th February 1429, and the faith and courage of the young girl, who was aged only 17, convinced the king to lend her troops to free Orleans. Examinations were carried out to verify her virginity and good faith, and following this Joan returned to the king for a second audience known as the “sign”, which ended in her official presentation. She brought the king a gold crown which was a material “sign” of her promise to lead him to his coronation

Joan then left to join the army gathered in Blois ready to march on Orleans. In May of the same year, Joan of Arc delivered Orleans from the English and the prophecy proved to be accurate. She saved the country and brought its heir to the throne. On 17th July 1429, Charles VII was crowned king of France in Reims beside the Maid of Orleans and her proud banner.
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