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Not to be missed: a 3rd-millennium fortress

From the year 1000 until the present day, the fortress has defied time itself! Today it demonstrates surprising youthfulness thanks to renovation work and technological additions that provide fascinating interactive visits.

The history of the fortress of Chinon continues to be written in the 3rd millennium thanks to a project to improve the site. In addition to renovation work carried out at the start of the millennium, the fortress has been fitted with numerous interactive tools to make visits even more exciting.

Visitors are given a guidebook containing an electronic chip in its cover which allows the user to trigger multimedia interfaces in the royal residences, towers and park. The eight halls in the Château of Le Milieu have been renovated using innovative scenography which starts with a show-like visit that brings historical characters such as Fulk IV, Henry Plantagenet, Philip Augustus and Joan of Arc back to life. Cleverly-directed light effects highlight architectural details in the towers, while audio stations describe the key events that took place there. The park also contains audio stations which provide information on the Templars, Joan of Arc, medieval construction techniques, etc. Visitors now also have access to iPads with 9 different visit routes targeting different audiences, each including interactive elements.

Lastly, the fortress of Chinon offers an Escape Game in a tower that participants must escape from after working out the “secret of Richard the Lionheart”. Riddles to solve and codes to crack are awaiting the most intrepid among you!. 
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