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New rooms in the Royal Fortress of Chinon

Following the completion of major work, the Royal Fortress of Chinon will be unveiling three new rooms in spring 2018. Come and discover these new installations that will plunge visitors even further into the exceptional history of the site. 

In the early 2000s, the Royal Fortress of Chinon launched a large-scale renovation and modernisation plan. Since then, the ramparts and towers have been restored and several locations have been re-opened to the public. Following on from this, the fortress has a great surprise in store for visitors with the opening of three new rooms in spring 2018. Discover the newly refurbished chamber of Charles VII and a room presenting daily life in the Middle Ages. Last but not least, a new room will retrace the architectural history of the site to allow visitors to fully appreciate the wealth of its heritage. This new visit route is even more exciting and interactive!