Not to be missed: a collection of different styles

Kings and queens are great builders, and the French monarchy bestowed upon the Royal Château of Blois the legacy of a compendium of styles ranging from the Medieval period up to the 17th century. Gothic, Renaissance, Classical… Different architectural styles are brought together in an impressive ensemble.
The wealth and diversity of the Château of Blois’s architecture is testimony to the French custom of preserving part of the old buildings during extension works. Today, it provides an overview of the different trends of styles from the Middle Ages until the 17th century. Each of the four wings represents a different movement: the Seigneuriale room constitutes the largest Gothic room in France dating from the 13th century, the Louis XII wing paves the way for the early Italian Renaissance influences which are admirably exemplified in the Francis I wing from the spiral staircase to the facade of the residential suites, and the Gaston of Orléans wing reveals French Classical architecture of the 17th century.
Its architectural history is also reflected in the furniture, paintings, tapestries and sculptures exhibited in the château as well as in the interior design, from the wood panelling on the walls to the immense chimneys sporting coats of arms and coffered ceilings. Visitors will also note the magnificent polychrome decoration that was restored in the 19th century by Félix Duban and which reveals his own interpretation of Renaissance motifs using a customary practice in art and architecture: drawing inspiration from past creation to later magnify it. 
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