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New night show at the Royal Château of Blois

The Royal Château of Blois is inaugurating a new sound and light show drawing on new technology and special effects. “Ainsi Blois vous est conté” promises a spectacular, captivating performance not to be missed.

Centuries of history are concealed within the great stones of the Royal Château of Blois and are related every year in a spectacular sound and light show. This new show will surpass previous editions thanks to advances in technology. The four wings of this incredible building will be lit up with 3D architectural modelling, video mapping and monumental projections in a veritable extravaganza of special effects. Spectators will be transported back in time to the turbulent events that unfolded in the château, such as when it yielded and trembled before Catherine de’ Medici... When the Duke de Guise was more alive and well than ever… Love affairs, drama and secrets will be revealed in a captivating, immersive spectacle. 
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