Unusual: behind the scenes of history

Lose yourself in underground passages, discover rooms that were previously closed to the public and explore the secrets of the royal lifestyle… the Royal Château of Amboise proposes a unique experience and a fascinating visit that leads to the heart of the Les Minimes Tower, which is all the more impressive when seen from the inside!
The Royal Château of Amboise conceals a maze of secret passages leading to medieval rooms and hidden hallways. Life in a royal château demanded flawless organisation and there were large numbers of people who worked behind the scenes to ensure everything ran smoothly.
It was once a hive of activity in which royal guards travelled from the guard tower to their refectory, the Lys room. From here, their patrol route will lead visitors to the stone storeroom, where different patterns and figures have been carved into the stone, before diving into a maze of underground passages and eventually leading to the Les Minimes Tower. This knights’ tower is 30 metres tall and houses a gentle spiral ramp that allowed horses to reach the château’s courtyard from the town. A lightwell penetrates through the masterpiece, highlighting the details in its rib vaults. It creates the impression of being in the heart of a majestic cathedral in which only the graffiti on the walls testifies of the tower’s brief history as a prison.