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Two exhibition-events at the Royal Château of Amboise

The great Leonardo da Vinci’s remains are buried in the heart of the Royal Château of Amboise, giving it doubly good reason to pay tribute to the artist through two exhibition-events.

In partnership with the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (French National Library), the Royal Château of Amboise will be holding a must-see exhibition titled “The Death of Leonardo da Vinci: the construction of a legend”. The exhibition, which will articulate around the painting called “The Death of Leonardo da Vinci” by François-Guillaume Ménageot, will serve a dual purpose. While highlighting Leonardo da Vinci’s enduring place in the Loire Valley, it will also reveal the hidden aspects of his friendship with King Francis I, made legendary by numerous writings. In parallel to the exhibition, the château has commissioned 5 paintings by the Italian graffiti artist RAVO. The works, inspired by details from the painting by François-Guillaume Ménageot, will be installed on the walls of the Tour Cavalière des Minimes.