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Royal Château of Amboise: the Naples Garden

Recently awarded the titles of Jardin Remarquable and Sanctuary of the Association for the Protection of Birds, the Royal Château of Amboise unveils its latest landscape creation: the Naples garden. A real ode to nature and its preservation, this garden is steeped in an Italian ambience, reminiscent of the Medici villas.

The Amboise garden wrote a chapter of the Château’s royal history from Charles VIII through to the end of the 15th century. Enchanted by the Renaissance landscapes, the king entrusted the creation of the first garden to Neapolitan Dom Pacello da Mercogliano. The monk gardener designed an extensive carpet of greenery, stretching all the way from the king’s dwelling and even hanging over the river. Once the Court left the Loire Valley at the end of the 16th century, the garden was essentially abandoned for some 250 years, until the extensive works undertaken by Louis-Philippe. The king gave the garden its famous allure we see today, which is only getting better with time.

This latest landscape sculpture was unveiled in spring 2017 under the name “the Naples garden”, which is evocative of the original garden’s Italian origins. Like the Medici villas, earth-fired pots break up the flowerbeds, bringing depth to the terrace with vertical lines and colours. The brown-red of the pots mixes with the symphony of colours of the plants and flowers, creating a calm yet joyful scene, fit for meditation. The attractiveness of the garden is in harmony with the eco-friendly design of the site: no weed killers or chemical fertilisers were used in its creation. This is representative of the general ethos of the Château to respect the environment, which has been recognised through the award of the status of Sanctuary by the Association for the Protection of Birds.
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