Hidden treasure: in the footsteps of Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci’s remains lie peacefully in the Saint-Hubert chapel, but his visionary spirit lives on in the château! Through modern technology and virtual effects, the site brings the famous Tuscan genius’s talent back to life through a fun and interactive game.
Leonardo da Vinci was invited to France by Francis I and spent the final years of his life in Le Clos Lucé, just a stone’s throw from the Château of Amboise where his grave remains to this day. Leonardo organised sumptuous parties for his friend the King in the château gardens, which were a great source of inspiration for him. Today, visitors can walk in the footsteps of the Tuscan genius thanks to different technological devices that are both fun and informative.
The adventure begins with the large frames and easels in the garden offering you a view inspired by the Florentine master’s work. The frames are designed to allow you to take photos to which you can add a touch of the “da Vinci style” using the “Sfumato” effect. Your photos will then be posted on the Studio Leonardissimo Facebook page. The château has also released a free online application allowing users to take “Renaissance selfies” based on paintings by Leonardo da Vinci… You can even take a photo of yourself as the famous Mona Lisa! As a great inventor of his time, Leonardo da Vinci would have been thrilled to see new technologies used in tandem with his genius. 
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