Unusual: a stunning and sustainable garden

Villandry’s gardens combine visual beauty with good deeds, and have been tended using organic gardening methods since 2009. Visitors stroll through a unique place that has preserved its biological diversity. This attention to environmental protection is in line with the château’s image of excellence. 

The aesthetics in the gardens of Villandry conceal a hidden ethic: they are 100% organic and have been so for the past few years. Head Gardener Laurent Portuguez was at the origin of this change, which he initiated when he joined the château in 2009.

He first revolutionised working methods, encouraging his team to learn organic gardening and sustainable techniques. The soil is now worked using forks and spades, petrol or diesel-powered equipment has been replaced and inorganic fertiliser is just a distant memory. Insecticides are no longer used in any of the gardens, and insects have since returned to help fight against aphids and cabbage flies. The plants are treated using natural techniques and organic fertilisers are used. A specialist company with a composting plant is in charge of the treatment of organic waste. Today, all the vegetables in the vegetable garden are organic, birds sing once again in the trees and the bees buzz around their hives. 
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