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Not to be missed: collections of all styles

Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand liked the luxurious lifestyle and was an excellent diplomat. He left an exceptional collection of furniture, marble works, paintings and other valuable items in Valençay, a sign of his manifest love of fine things.

Talleyrand was a collector who took an interest in a variety of styles and left an incredible collection in Valençay, including furniture, paintings, statues and historical items. The château exhibits works in the Louis XV style right up to the Restoration. The Great Salon and the Blue Salon are filled with luxurious furniture, including the fantastic Louis XVI bureau à gradin with its gilded decoration. The bedchambers also house rare items, and the bathroom is particularly impressive with its 19th-century copper bath and Regency style chaise-bidet. Other small gems can be seen throughout, such as a marble statue of Hebe by Antonio Canova in the dining room, a gilded greenwood harp dating from 1818 in the Music room and an unusual armchair “with bellows” that Talleyrand was particularly fond of. 

Everything in Valençay reflects the master of the house’s elegance and luxurious lifestyle, right down to the kitchens which reveal his passion for gastronomy under the command of his faithful and illustrious chef Antonin Carême. Visitors can easily imagine the extravagant receptions held in this extremely fine residence.
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