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A new room opens at the Château of Valençay

The Château of Valençay is preserving the memory of its illustrious resident by opening a room dedicated to the great diplomat Talleyrand. A collection of objects once belonging to him is on display. 

The room, situated at the heart of the château, reveals a unique collection of items that once belonged to the “Prince of diplomats”. Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord was a highly complex character who was as formidably intelligent as he was gifted in repartee, and who successfully pre-empted the great political changes in Europe in the 19th century. This key historical figure is revealed through prized or personal items that once belonged to him. A collection of court swords set with precious stones, outfits embroidered with gold thread, wallets and the quill he used to sign treaties underline the prestige of his position. In parallel, the château exhibits items of more private use to illustrate the personal side of this great man. “I want people for centuries to continue to talk of what I was, what I thought and what I wanted,” he said. This desire is currently being fulfilled by the Château of Valençay