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Unusual: prestigious guests

Although it was never a royal residence, the Château of Sully-sur-Loire has played host to a number of prominent historical figures, including Joan of Arc who came to meet Charles VII here, Louis XIV when he sought refuge during the Fronde, and Voltaire who was forced to spend a short stay here, albeit a pleasant one.

As a result of its location and the high standing of its owners, the Château of Sully-sur-Loire has played host to three of the best-known figures in French history. Joan of Arc came to the château twice to see Charles VII while he was staying with his friend, Guy de La Trémoïlle. She came first after the battle of Patay in 1429, and then again the following year to meet the King and his Court. But the Maid of Orleans was not one to remain idle, and she left the château without informing the King in order to force the English out of France.

The second historic visit took place when Louis XIV, Anne of Austria and Cardinal Mazarin came to seek refuge in the Great Sully’s château during the French Fronde in March 1652. 

Last but not least, Voltaire came to seek refuge in the château when the King, who was angered by his writing, ordered his exile. Despite the circumstances he spent a very pleasant stay here, as he ironically summarized: “I am, by royal decree, in the most pleasant château and with the best company in the world”! He shared a romantic idyll here with the lovely Mademoiselle de Livry, who was aspiring to be an actress. He put his forced vacation to good use to revise Oedipus and write part of La Henriade. The premiere of his tragedy Artémise was shown in the château’s Great Hall, but the performance was met with boos and whistles. Voltaire later quarrelled with the Duke de Sully and the two friends parted ways. 
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