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Hidden treasure: unveiling the secrets behind closed doors

Have you ever dreamed of slipping through the secret doors of a château? At the Château of Sully–sur-Loire you can do just that! Unveil the mysteries of its moat, hidden corridors and rooms only recently opened to the public.

Every château has its secrets. Sully has decided to reveal its own during unique visits organised (booking required). Venture first into the heart of the château by exploring its cellars originally containing gun ports and which were later converted into dungeons. In the 17th century, the basement was turned into an ice room. The stairs leading to the moats are in poor condition because of the extravagant ambitions of the last owner of the château, the Marquise de Bausset-Roquefort, who was convinced that it contained hidden treasure and turned the whole château upside down and probed the walls to try and find it. She even sent divers into the moat and called in diviners, a magnetizer and a seer! 

The visit continues through secret doors in the Great Hall leading to the servant’s corridor that also provided access to the apartments, the King’s chamber and his clothes room. Next discover the machicolations and the Guards’ room with its 615-year-old oak structure, as well as the guards’ dormitory which is usually closed to the public. The authentic ragged curtain has been hanging here since the 18th century, giving the impression that time has stopped... 
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