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Château of Sully-sur-Loire: the Treasure of the Lamps

During renovation works in 2016, the Château de Sully-sur-Loire discovered two ancient lamps in the waters of its moat. The priceless pieces have been restored and are now adorning the rooms of the château.
Stumbling across hidden treasure: this is the kind of discovery that you can only dream of making when restoring an old dwelling! The Château of Sully-sur-Loire is now proudly displaying two recently-restored lamps, found during works undertaken in October 2016.
During the restoration of the drawbridge, the water levels of the moat were lowered due to technical constraints. This was the moment when the two lamps appeared! The Château de Sully-sur-Loire was already aware of their existence since they can be observed in a photograph in the dining room which dates back to the start of the 20th century. No-one knows how they ended up in the water but researchers have discovered that they had been in the mud for around 70 years. A coating of mud preserved the candelabras, which are now positioned in the rooms of the château.
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