Unusual: the Leonardo da Vinci park and Leonardo’s garden

In the Leonardo da Vinci park which surrounds the château, visitors are invited to discover a fun walk dotted with the extraordinary machines from Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions! These models have been recreated from sketches by the genius.
The inventions create an outdoor museum that gives visitors an idea of the scope of his genius; besides being a painter, Leonardo da Vinci was a skilled engineer, architect, anatomist and, above all, a gifted mathematician. Created using the great master’s drawings and made with the materials that would have been available at the time, these giant machines are all the more exciting because visitors can work them themselves. Young and old can test out the revolving bridge, aerial screw, giant crossbow, tank, hamster wheel or enjoy a trip in a “Leonardo boat” on the château’s lake!
There are also forty or so translucid paintings measuring 3 to 4m in height scattered throughout the park. They reveal the different aspects of Leonardo da Vinci’s work, with portraits, studies and silhouettes of bodies as well as anatomy and civil and military engineering drawings. This fascinating walk is punctuated with sound stations that diffuse thoughts and reflections shared by Leonardo da Vinci with his disciple, Francesco Melzi, on subjects that interested him. The immersive experience will allow visitors to discover the great mind of the renowned erudite. 
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