Hidden treasure: Renaissance cooking in L’Auberge du Prieuré

Paintings and history books tell of sumptuous Renaissance banquets, but how much do we really know about what the king ate with his court? Come to L’Auberge du Prieuré in the park of the Château of Le Clos Lucé for a gustatory lesson to find out!
The Renaissance influence affected all aspects of life, including cooking. It brought back fruit and vegetables which had until then been looked down upon by princely palates. Butter was considered a noble food and new ingredients from the East were introduced into dishes. Desserts were also perfected and variations were developed…
To discover all these ancient flavours, pay a visit to L’Auberge du Prieuré with Sieur Sausin, a talented Chef and advisor in historic cooking. The experience will take you back in time thanks to the authentic decor in this 15th-century priory and the team dressed in period costume and speaking old French! After sipping a hippocras wine with ginger and cloves, take your pick from among the dishes inspired by ancient recipes passed down from medieval cooks such as the illustrious Taillevent. These authentic meals are crafted with delicious combinations of spices to create a blend of sweet and sour flavours, with “Fattened chicken confit with good Chinon wine and mashed carrots with cloves”, “Stuffed salmon pouches with basil and leek Trédura” and “Pear with Seville orange and vanilla” … And that’s just a small selection of the delicate flavours you will be able to taste. 
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