The Château of Le Clos Lucé is unique in that it was home to the greatest genius of the Renaissance period: Leonardo da Vinci. This pretty building will plunge visitors into the everyday life of the great master through the apartments he lived and died in and reconstructions of his inventions which are displayed in the wooded park. The recently renovated studios convey the studious atmosphere of the place enabling him to give life to his ingenious ideas.
A leisure residence for the kings of France and the last home of Leonardo da Vinci, Le Clos Lucé proposes a fascinating and skilfully orchestrated visit. It is impossible to resist the charm of this dwelling and listed Historic Monument built of rose-coloured bricks and tuffeau stone.

The first stones of the medieval fortress were laid during the reign of Louis XI in the 15th century. It was bought by Charles VIII in 1490, who decided to turn it into a leisure residence and added a chapel for his young wife, Anne of Brittany. A few years later, Louise of Savoy moved here to bring up her two children, Margaret of Navarre and the future king Francis I. The latter retained a certain fondness for the place, and he lodged his friend Leonardo da Vinci here so that he was not far from the king’s residence, the Royal Château of Amboise. An underground passage ran between the two buildings, which the king used to visit his aging friend without attracting attention. In the late 17th century the château became the home of the Amboise family, who also saved it from being destroyed during the French Revolution.

It has belonged to the Saint Bris family since 1854, and has been restored to its former Renaissance splendour thanks to major renovation works. The decor of the site will plunge visitors into the life of Leonardo da Vinci. Start at the Watchtower which, alongside the dovecote, bears testimony to the Medieval period, then follow the covered gallery to the residence to discover the large Renaissance hall spanning the building where the great master received his illustrious guests. Tip-toe into his bedchamber where he enjoyed the view of the Royal Château of Amboise. It is easy to imagine him taking tea in the kitchen in the company of his loyal maid, Mathurine, who concocted vegetarian and nutritious meals in accordance with his principle of “sobriety, a healthy diet and good sleep keep you in good health”. In the basement, 3D animations and models reveal the scientific intuition of Leonardo the engineer, and his studios have been entirely refurbished to recreate his working environment.

The Leonardo da Vinci park offers a cultural stroll where visitors can work life-size machines inspired by the master’s sketches, and if you listen carefully, you can almost hear the thoughts and reflections of the greatest mind of the Renaissance rustling through the grounds. The presence and creativity of the man who was respectfully known by the king as “my father” can be felt everywhere in Le Clos Lucé
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Château of Clos Lucé - Leonardo da Vinci Park
2 rue du Clos Lucé
37400, AMBOISE
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Le Clos Lucé is 15 minutes by bus from Amboise train station, which has 30-minute connections to Tours train station via a local train service. Tours and Saint-Pierre-des-Corps both have connections to Paris-Montparnasse train station. Allow approximately 1 hour. The A10 and A85 motorways lead to the château. Allow 2 hours from Paris. Tours airport has links to Portugal, Ireland, Great Britain and Morocco.

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