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Homage to the “Builder Queen” at the Château of Chenonceau

The Château of Chenonceau is paying tribute to its most famous owner, to whom it owes its unique silhouette: Catherine de’ Medici, the Builder Queen.

Born in 1519 in Florence, Catherine de’ Medici gave Renaissance refinement to the Château of Chenonceau, notably including the two galleries spanning the river like an echo of the Ponte Vecchio in her home town! This spring, the château will reveal Catherine de’ Medici’s Apothecary in the exact same location that it once existed, in the Domes building. The famous queen, considered “the greatest ruler of France” liked to spend time in the company of scientists and in particular her herbalist, Nostradamus. Visitors can also discover her garden, which has been entirely redesigned in black and white like her iconic gallery.